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Carbon steel CS is the mixture of carbon and iron and some other material in a very little quantity as silicone, copper and manganese. It is also known mild steel. Venus is one of the most successful manufacturers, traders, dealers and suppliers of a wide range of high quality CS pipe stockists. Carbon steel pipe fittings are available different size, specification and shapes in client requirement and at reasonable price to the client. We supply the most common grades of carbon steel pipe fittings with certificate and also a reputed distributor of CS pipes. It is available in a large quantity and relatively behaviour. Carbon steel seamless pipes are also famous or more useful and their features and ideal for marine application fuel power plants, petroleum plants and construction etc.. CS pipes likely to used in many industries like oil industry, gas industry, chemical industry and building etc. Venus has all these pipes and tubes at a great and reasonable price for customers and is a large manufacturer carbon steel pipes and tubes.

We are guaranteed fast delivery in the country and have an excellent storage facility also made ready on customers urgent requirements. Venus products are developed using latest tools and method by expert test and also have NACE 3.1, MILL TEST AND ISO 17025 certificates by laboratory of Indian Government. Application of carbon steel CS pipes as well as its fittings contain oil refineries, textile industry, nuclear power plant and chemical industry etc. Venus manufacturer is one of the most trusted supplier, dealer and trader because he has rich technical experience and organised production of carbon steel fittings to the many companies like textile, chemical and fluid transportation industries.

A huge variety of applications in multiple industries use CS pipe fittings. It has long lasting features and high performance. Fittings are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and other specifications. Tees, elbow, inserts, coupling, adapter and bends are the list of fittings. It is used that application which do materials with high resistance.

  • Types of CS Fittings
  • Butt weld pipe fittings
  • Socket weld forged fitting
  • Threaded fitting

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